About Us

Flint Innovative Solutions (FIS) is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Flint, Michigan, which strategically enriches the well-being of the residents of Genesee County, and boosts access to community resources. FIS has a board of directors as well as a steering committee of long-standing community activists. The steering committee formed to work in collaboration with the MSU research team to design, implement, and generate community impact through the health assessment technology platform Flint Eats App (FEA).

Our Team

Kathy Roberts
Board President

Sharon Taylor

Ave’r McKay

Marisa Conte
Board Member

Kimberly Leverette
Board Member

Athena McKay
Executive Director

Kristopher Johns

Jonathan McKay

Alita Prince

FEA has been designed in participation with the Flint community to address three goals;
1) Increase information sharing about healthy eating and food access,
2) Encourage local food retailers to improve healthy food offerings,
3) Restore levels of trust among Flint residents and provide them with a greater agency with respect to the local retail food system

Athena McKay, FIS’s executive director, and Sharon Taylor FIS’s treasurer were originally designated as a community liaison for the FEA project. The academic research team from Michigan State University preferred the research tool be sustained by a Flint organization, thus FIS was formulated. The maintenance of the app is one component in our efforts to assist in the distribution and accessibility of community resources to create a vibrate thriving community of equity.